Parking Locations:

Parking, by permit, is available at 422 E. 9th Street at the corner of 9th and Brevard.  Handicapped parking is available at 625 N. Brevard and requires a University/Center City parking permit or event parking pass in conjunction with the appropriate handicapped placard. 

Meeting & Event Parking:  

All events at Center City are required to provide parking for attendees.  This policy will remain in effect until the parking deck opens.  This policy has been implemented in response to the limited pay to park options in the area and increased enforcement.  While we understand that funding may be limited, it is damaging to the reputation of the University when arrangements are not made and tickets are issued.  Thank you in advance for your understanding.  

Meeting and event parking arrangements can be made through the events staff and utilize the Click N Park System.  It is very important for event organizers to clearly relay parking information.  Visitors must print their parking permit in advance.  Once a visitor arrives at Center City, there is no way for passes to be printed and attendees will need to find a pay to park option.  The information below related to faculty, staff and students apply to event parking. 

Faculty & Staff:

Beginning on Jan. 1, 2019, CCB parking stickers are no longer needed if you have already received permission to park at the Center City Building. Parking will be monitored by license plate recognition (LPR) technology.

If you would like to receive parking privileges at Center City Building, you must add CCB permission to your permit at the time of purchase. Students will be assigned CCB parking privileges based on their class schedule in Banner. Faculty & Staff who have purchased a full access pass are eligible to park at Center City and should contact the PaTS office to make sure they have full access parking including Center City.

Center City campus does not have separate parking dedicated to the building. The University has negotiated an arrangement with Preferred Parking, Inc., owner of the closest surrounding lots, for Faculty/Staff and Student parking. Parking location is currently 319 E. 9th Street, which may change during construction of a new parking deck. 

Due to the limited number of parking spaces available at Center City, parking is valid only when conducting University business on the Center City property.  Faculty and staff may not park at Center City and walk to meetings at locations other than Center City, even if the meeting is related to University business.  There are no exceptions to this rule. Violators will receive a $150 ticket, issued by Preferred Parking.  

Faculty & Staff who have purchased a permit other than a full access pass, are not eligible to park at Center City and will need to pay to park in the surrounding area.  There are a few metered spaces on the street that are valid for up to two hours. The closest parking deck is two blocks away at 7th Street Station.  Rates vary by day.

There are a very limited number of visitor passes at Center City that are managed by Center City Administration on a first-come, first-served basis.  These passes may be issued to faculty and staff, who have purchased a full access pass but forgot to request a decal from PaTS prior to their arrival at Center City.  This is a backup option only and faculty and staff should not rely on these spaces.  Once the daily limit is reached, faculty & staff will need to pay to park on their own if they arrive without the proper permit.  There are a few metered spaces on the street that are valid for up to two hours. The closest parking deck is two blocks away at 7th Street Station.  Rates vary by day.


Students registered for classes at Center City must have a campus parking permit and must be purchased through the PaTS Office.  There are several options for students, including a full access pass that allows students to park with some flexibility outside of their class days and times, as long as they are conducting class related business on the Center City property.  Permits other than full access permits, are only valid during specific class times and coordinate with student schedules, as listed in Banner.  

Visit the PaTS website for more information about passes available to students and for information related to when those passes are valid.