Parking Arrangements for Events

Unfortunately, the parking lots that Center City has access to do not have any options to pay at the actual parking lot upon arrival, nor do we have a ticket/validation system with a gate.  Based on our five year history and experience managing this scenario, we have developed the following options for you to choose from:  

  • Send an email with instructions for attendees to obtain permits prior to arriving at Center City.  These must be printed at home and brought with them.  Permits are displayed on the dash of the vehicle.  We can help draft an email with instructions.  We recommend sending a separate email specifically about parking. We can not print parking permits on site for guest who forgot or were unable to print their permits before arrival. 
  • Coming Soon: Purchase permits in bulk and have volunteers staff the entrances of the lot to hand out permits to guests when they arrive.  In this scenario, you would be charged $6 per car. You would only be charged $1 for each permit not used.  We calculate that cost based on the number of permits returned to us that weren't used.  This option requires special permission from Center City Administration and should only be used on rare occassions.
  • Guests pay to park on their own.  There are several public parking decks within a few blocks of Center City.  Guests would not be allowed to park in the lots that Center City has available.  We do not recommend this options, as it causes confusion and frustration among visitors when they are told they can not park in these locations.