For general UNC Charlotte graduate admissions questions please visit graduate admissions.

What is the general phone number and mailing address for Center City?

You can reach the front desk at 704-687-8902. 

Our Center City mailing address is:
320 E. 9th St
Charlotte, NC 28202

Do I need a student ID?

Yes, you do need a current student ID and you may be asked to present your ID for security reasons at any point while in the building.  Student identification cards are used to assist students in obtaining access to services in the building and entrance into the library and computer lab.  The student ID card is FREE.  Students will have one ID card to use throughout their enrollment at UNC Charlotte.  ID cards are valid as long as you are a registered student at UNC Charlotte. 

Can I reserve a study area?

Due to the limited amount of space available at Center City, we do not reserve rooms for students to study.  Students are welcome to utilize the student lounge and/or library.

Where can I buy/rent my textbooks?

You can buy or rent textbooks through the UNC Charlotte Center City official bookstore!  Visit their online website or stop by Center City M-TH from 10am – 7pm.

I am interested in holding an event at Center City, what is the first step?

First, an event request form must be submitted.  Once received, the events staff will process the event and get back to you within 5 business days to let you know the status of your request.  You may find the event request submission form under the “Events” tab at the home page of the Center City website.

What courses are offered at Center City?

There are a number of Graduate level courses as well as continuing education and extended academic programs offered at Center City.  You can see a list of departments and programs or click on each individual department under their main tab for more information.

Do you have a public library and computers?

Our library and computers are reserved for current students only as well as those who have formally rented and reserved space. 

I am having a problem logging-in with my NinerNet on My UNC Charlotte. What do I do?

You need to establish your NinerNet Account as soon as you get admitted. You will need your UNC Charlotte ID found in your acceptance letter to establish your account. If you are having problems logging into your NinerNet Account, please direct your questions to the Information Technology Services help desk at: 704-687-5500 or refer to the IT Help website.

I’m hungry, what is there to eat at Center City?

Einstein’s Brothers Bagels is located in our Center City lobby on the first floor of the building.  Visit their webpage for hours of operation.  Please see the following diagram for vending machine locations.